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Have you changed water retailer since the market deregulated in 2017? If not, you could be missing out on potential savings and better service levels.

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What are the benefits of switching water retailer?

  • Realising cost-savings through better tariffs made available from another water retailer
  • When switching water supplier, it’s not uncommon to be able to reduce your water bills by anything between 6% and 25% by switching water supplier and applying water and waste-water cost reduction audits and surveys.
  • Finding a supplier who has more expertise or capacity in serving and working with organisations in your industry or with your specific operational needs

  • Taking advantage of value-added services in addition to the core water supply and waste-water services such as water audit and water efficiency surveys
  • Consolidating some, or all, of your water supply across multiple sites and regions with a single supplier
  • Seeking better service levels, which might include improved customer services and more timely responses to your enquiries and more accurate billing

Your bespoke water quote:

We’ll help you find a water retailer who has more expertise or capacity serving customers in your industry. You can begin to see your organisation’s water portfolio like never before, we’ll help you complete your portfolio and prepare your information, making it ready to go out to tender to the whole water market for your next supply contract.

Dedicated account management: 

We have had some great results when finding customers new water retailers. We’ll handle all the details for you, from switch to renewal making sure you never overpay for your business water again.

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